Friday, December 9, 2011

back in the saddle again

before i went to chicago i cut out some altoids tin sized pieces of paper to doodle on and maybe use for that project. i even actually got some done ( i bet the woman next to me on the plane wondered wtf?) not great, but fun doodles-

got back to the tin project this evening (even tho i still need 15 inches for january. there's time, right?) these are so much fun to play with- much like atc's and potato chips- no one can do just one. this is the starting point from sunday-

playing with possible layouts-

self leveling gel poured into tins. if you look at the flying ravens, you can see the shadow cast by the image in the resin. i think this is so cool! barry poured a layer of resin, we put a transparency in, then he poured more resin and we added another image. love the feeling of depth.

more self leveling gel (hope it doesn't look too different from the resin). this tin taped to the table to keep it fairly level. that scrap of paper is folded over to keep stuff (hair, dust) out of the gel as it dries.

one of the challenges is that the new improved packaging includes embossed lids, which need to be worked around. i tried a few things this evening, we'll see how they turn out. sandpapering and gessoing the tins is definitely critical to subsequent layering. hope i did a good enough job!

and here's my poor messy studio, which will be the scene of more creativity this weekend (yay!)

happy weekend!

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