Thursday, December 1, 2011

and the beat goes on....

mom and dad left today after a great visit. they got to help me set up for gypsy gallery on monday night.

if you don't know, gypsy gallery is a show that a friend and i started 9 years ago in december to have a place to show our art. we found empty spaces downtown, rented them for the night, invited artists & had a show. been doing that ever since for around 4 times per year. if we have extra room, we invite more artists.

we had an excellent spot tonight- on the corner of 10th and main, between several permanent galleries with great visibility. 22 artists working in a variety of media. great turnout. typical first thursday sales- some did well, some didn't. luckily, i was on of the didn'ts (it's always easier to talk to other artists you've invited to show when they outsell you :))

i'm proud to have kept gypsy going (the friend moved away years ago) and that we attract the caliber of artists that we do to show with us. i'm grateful to the other gypsies for the work they do to keep it together. it's a lot of fun.

this photo gives you an idea of the space we had-

as i am still stuck i got the markers out while mom & i were drinking bourbon last night. (true- maker's 46- pretty good stuff).

planning a raven painting on the red background that i've been layering in the studio. i like the idea of raven being colors, and purple is a color of magic & majesty. thinking cobalt for the highlights.  i read somewhere that van gogh always put a bit of red in his trees to symbolize life. i have no idea if that's true, but love the concept. raven just gets different colors.

we'll see, but this is a good start. plus it was good to play.

the next one made me think i need to go somewhere warm and sunny :)

and sort of a combo.

i haven't doodled for a while and forgot how helpful (and fun) it can be. it might be interesting to try to paint something like the one above, except that i am hopeless at clean lines with paintbrushes.

my dad misses my former regular blogging, so i am going to make an effort to get back to doing this more frequently.

except for sunday, which is kid rock, and next week in chicago- oh dear! maybe a new year's resolution.....


becky said...

What a great idea- the gypsy gallery. Glad you had a nice visit w/ your parents! How fun to have your mom in the studio creating w/ you :)

Gabrielle said...

Marianne, I love the idea of Gypsy Gallery! And to have kept it going for nine years now - wow! Good for you (and the other artists).

I like your raven concept very much. I'll be anxious to see how it progresses.

Barb said...

HI Marianne, Glad Mom and Dad had fun (and you, too) - they got to miss some of the cold and snow here in Denver (icy today!). I like Raven.