Monday, December 12, 2011

4 down....

Altoids mania continues! i have 4 to the completion point. 5 to go.

These are for a show at the gallery in January, selling for $20 ea as a fundraiser. Those sold for the gallery will go to retire our sign debt; those sold for open studios to pay for programs there; those sold for trica (treasure valley institute for children's arts) ditto.

i need some for art source & some for bosco.

first is a day at the beach

next: dancing queen

get lucky:

still working on a title (ideas welcome!)

and lakshmi- nearly finished, need to work on the outside lid-

so far the biggest takeaway is that if you want the lid to close you can't paint on the inside lip. painting that and the bottom makes it too tight to easily open & close. jic this looks like so much fun you can't wait to try it at home (which it is!)

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