Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wed studio night

we were supposed to be out last night, so i moved studio night. 2 pieces sold at the gallery this month (yay!) means gotta make art.

tonight was a bit of a different group- sue rooke, who i met through open studios and is my neighbor came by for a glass of wine and talk (she makes wonderful ceramic sculptures- not exactly portable art); lisa cheney- jorgensen, who i also met thru open studios ( and who used my blog about how fearless she is about putting her art out there to open her class at journalfest by saying she was sure i saw it that way, but really she has a lot of fear- and don't we all?) and nancy, who doesn't have a website i can link to- and more's the pity, b/c you should see her art.

lisa and i talked about art journals. i am not by nature introspective, so tho i have been intrigued by the idea of art journals and even started one or two i haven't gotten far. i process things when i walk the dogs in the mornings and by talking to my friends, i trust my intuition. i see the value of art journals, i think they're cool, but i haven't made the leap to making. i'll have to think about this, probably a round robin or journal exchange would be something to get me to try it, get my feet wet.

anyway, tonight was more background stuff for me, though these are close. the top is raven going into the dark to bring forth the light. raven creating. not quite there, but nearly.

this i think is done.

and now off to bed. movie with a friend tomorrow night and house cleaning (mom & dad will be here next week!) and assorted social engagements this weekend. and hopefully more studio time!


Barb said...

Your blog is your journal! Get that house clean and say "hi" to Mom and Dad from me. Happy Thanksgiving, Marianne.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hi Marianne,
I love your flower. Don't know what it is, but I love the combination of colours and the fragility of it.
I love the idea of an art journal too - just as a place to do little pieces of art that no-one else has to see - sometimes introspective, sometimes not. I've never done one, because I suppose the visual art is not the way I best express what's in my heart.
Hope you have a good week with your parents.