Thursday, November 24, 2011


among the many things i have to be thankful for are my family, friends and studio. had a great dinner with family and friends this afternoon and got to spend some time in the studio too.

my dad sent me the letters to my name for christmas last year ( he made them for me) and i thought it would be fun to have my friends art them up. since mom & dad are visiting for the holiday all of the letters were returned and here they are-

isn't that great?

m by margie, my fellow aries hiking dog person music buddy who has hidden talents-

a by zella, metal artist extraordinaire, mentor, good friend-

r from leaf, who i have known since the early 80s when we were both young and cute and wore animal print minis and looked great :)

from lynn, an amazing scupltor who is a tuesday night regular and with whom i share a passion for music. the guitar has lights that run up & down the neck

this is the zuni symbol for friendship

a reflection of our mutual love for the mountains and sky

and 2 dog and a cat print for my pets

from patty, good friend, hiking dog & music buddy who always makes me laugh 

n from nancy, a fabulous artist and friend who i have been making art on tuesdays with since i started painting,

this n from pam, whose assemblage art is often centered around letters of the alphabet. another good friend and tuesday studio regular

and the e from wendy, a new friend met through  open studios who is also a neighbor & great glass artist

i am so lucky, and so thankful for all of the amazingly generous and talented people that i have in my life. and that includes all of you- happy thanksgiving! (even if you're not in the us)


becky said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Marianne! sounds & looks like you had a great one. How fun to have so many friends be a part of it!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Marianne, I love your Thanksgiving post and I love the stories behind these letters - made by your dad and embellished in a very personal way by each of your friends. I'm sure your dad will be surprised to see how they have turned out.

Pam McKnight said...

What a wonderful post, and not just because I am in it! I am so glad for you that the whole thing came together for your dad to see finished! And I am thankful for such a good friend as yourself. Artist,wonderful studio hostess, Queen Gypsy, motivator...and many more...

Barb said...

Marianne - such lucky letters, made by your Dad and "dressed" by your friends. Me thinks they'll bring you love and luck (and good memories).