Sunday, November 6, 2011

stuck again...

i've been looking at this piece for a while and not making progress. i know there's something there, but it isn't coming out. typical of this fall for me, it seems. luckily, when they do come through things have been working, so i'll keep hoping. i should have a 6x6 sold that i'll need to replace next week ( hoping for luck with that too, nothing springing to mind there either).

i had 9 teeth pulled on friday due to gum disease that was so far along that was the only answer. needless to say friday & yesterday were pretty much lay on the couch, take pain pills, read & sleep. luckily today was an improvement and i got some studio time in (and was able to eat something besides yogurt or ice cream).

i am on the marketing committee for the gallery. it's a struggle getting members involved, it's always a core group who step up- as with any volunteer organization. though since we are a business you'd think it might be a bit different. but no.

one of the committee members had the great idea for the gallery to donate a tree to a local fundraiser where the trees are sold at auction. we opted for a tabletop tree and asked members to donate animal themed ornaments. one member made the tree and jaki (whose idea this was) painted and decorated it.

as of last week, we had 20 ornaments & i was getting concerned. not the least because i found myself completely unable to come up with one decent animal ornament. mine all sucked. luckily, things came in at the last moment & our tree is looking good- representative of the variety of art in the gallery and fun.

my first job today was to decorate the finial for the top of the tree. i managed to get that done. then i flailed around with some backgrounds & completely overworked/ruined a 6x6 i nearly had done. sigh.

i did manage to get images for my new website loaded for the developer, though, so that's a plus. i am looking forward to having an integrated website/blog/fb presence and to be able to update my galleries, show info, etc. myself. and i really like the woman i am working with, so it's exciting.

i got one of those "i love your art but i can never visit your blog again because of the loud music" comments from someone who visited via the altered page. i replied that that was why there is a warning at the top & instructions for turning off the music. thanks & have a nice day. do i really need to know that?

i guess that someone might appreciate that sort of comment. i would never think to leave one like that myself. seems negative & unnecessary. i should have invited her to visit my website or fb page, where her tender ears won't be assaulted. at the end of the day a) music is a big part of my life & my art and b) i guess that i really blog more to keep myself focused on my art & figure things out than to collect readers. i appreciate each and every one of you who puts up with my music (i am betting that many of you turn down your speakers or turn off the music, just as i do sometimes) and makes comments, i just don't do the necessary stuff to keep growing my followers. and i'm OK with that. there's only so much time.

anyway- enough of that! here's hoping for creative inspiration for all next week!


Barb said...

Gosh, Marianne - my worst nightmare - dental surgery! Hope your mouth feels better soon! The tree is a feast for the eyes - so many interesting ornaments to look at!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I hope you're recovering from all that dental surgery. Poor you. Look after yourself.
That tree is wonderful! What a beautiful riot of colour and collection of styles.
Get well soon,

Tina said...

I didn't even know there was music on the site as I keep my sound off because I find it distracting. But yup, there is. :) I can't read and savor with a lot of noise so I understand where the reader was coming from. But I just keep my sound off and don't feel I need to leave a comment behind. Or maybe I do since I am here?

Love your site. Very inspiring.

marianne said...

thanks for visiting and commenting tina! and thanks for just turning the music off- it's pretty easy :) hope you'll visit again-