Tuesday, November 15, 2011

retrying sunday's post- updated

couple of lovely hikes this weekend. this from sunday, just me & the dogs, a bit of snow and some fall color.

found this on saturday morning's hike with margie & patty & our 5 dogs. it was on the trail pretty much in front of me. not surprising, in view of the number of bird pieces that have been showing up. it's now in the studio.

here are some of the aforementioned birds.

this one may finally be done. i did the hawk transfer and then didn't like it because the background was too dark. some day i will learn. (not here evidently, because i proceeded to do exactly the same damn thing on another piece! hello!)

anyway- so i decided to paint the hawk in. and i used acrylics and wasn't thrilled with that either. i was loving the layered, textured rich background, though.

so i decided to layer over the hawk to knock back what i was less than thrilled with & emphasize the background. and i liked it much better, but after looking at it a few days decided she needed something else.

one of the meaning of hawk is messenger, which is the title of the piece. so i decided that she needed a message, and below you have it. i am going to mix red paint into a fairly solid gel and give the heart some dimension, but otherwise i think i like it.

and here's all the rest of the mess waiting to tell me what to do. ack! i am certain that inspiration is just around the corner.

i sold 2 pieces this month at the gallery (yay!) the nicest thing happened today- when lou told me she sold one of mine she told me that she was happy that she had. it made me feel so good, and reminded me that we are all in it together & should be happy for each other. easier sometimes than others, but still.

other art related (but non art making) stuff- open studios meeting last night. i was accused of looking like i was having fun. me, the meeting hater. it is a good group, though, and i am looking forward to another great year.

and getting ready for our 9th december gypsy gallery- which is really hard to believe. we have a new spot in a great location & 20 artists ready to go. we'll make camp on monday, do the show on first thursday and be out on friday. the shows are so much fun- especially when we can bring other artists in. we have several artists who show with us every chance they get, which is a great feeling. probably more about gypsy next week.

for now- hasta. we were supposed to go to a concert tonight, so no studio night. but hub wasn't feeling too chipper & i got studio on the brain, so i spent some time out there myself. the girls will be here tomorrow instead- yay! more then-

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Barb said...

Gosh - lots in this post. Your nest "came" to you because you've been "in tune" with the birds. Congrats on your sales. You are working at your art and that's good - I can tell you're happy!