Tuesday, November 8, 2011


tuesday, you know how i love tuesday! tonight it was (left to right) lynn, pam, nancy & me. i needed a shot in the arm- of positivity & creativity & camaraderie & i got it.

i think i even finished 3 pieces (where i would have thought MAYBE 1 when the night started)
fly away, 8x8 mixed media

mystery, 6x6 mixed media

great horned owl, 6x6 mixed media

i made some progress on this- we'll see what happens with those oil pastels, but at least it's movement.

and lastly- one of these things is not like the others- where will the hot pink want to go?

i am so relieved to have broken thru the block i was feeling. i knew that studio night would help. often the distraction of talking and not working too hard to find an answer and the good creative energy work amazing magic! the block may be back, but at least i'm ahead for now. hasta-

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Barb said...

There is a face of some kind in the purple canvas crow - I saw it in the last post, too, - it's morphed into a different shape but it's still there.