Tuesday, November 29, 2011


mom & dad came for thanksgiving, and we've been having a great visit. mom joined us for studio night to do some quilting.

i am still slogging away between inspirational modes and just waiting for something to really hit me. work in progress.

and one that's finished.

time has also been taken up by gypsy gallery. this is a movable art show that a friend and i started 9 years ago. there are 10 gypsies, we rent a vacant building downtown for an art show usually 4 times a year- tho this year our last show was in march. if the space is big enough, we invite other artists to join us.

this year we have a great space- busy corner, nice big room- 22 artists altogether. below are a few of the goodies available-

the big show is first thursday (december 1), then we pack it all up & leave the building. a lot of work, but a lot of fun. there will be photos of the show :)

more later-

Thursday, November 24, 2011


among the many things i have to be thankful for are my family, friends and studio. had a great dinner with family and friends this afternoon and got to spend some time in the studio too.

my dad sent me the letters to my name for christmas last year ( he made them for me) and i thought it would be fun to have my friends art them up. since mom & dad are visiting for the holiday all of the letters were returned and here they are-

isn't that great?

m by margie, my fellow aries hiking dog person music buddy who has hidden talents-

a by zella, metal artist extraordinaire, mentor, good friend-

r from leaf, who i have known since the early 80s when we were both young and cute and wore animal print minis and looked great :)

from lynn, an amazing scupltor who is a tuesday night regular and with whom i share a passion for music. the guitar has lights that run up & down the neck

this is the zuni symbol for friendship

a reflection of our mutual love for the mountains and sky

and 2 dog and a cat print for my pets

from patty, good friend, hiking dog & music buddy who always makes me laugh 

n from nancy, a fabulous artist and friend who i have been making art on tuesdays with since i started painting,

this n from pam, whose assemblage art is often centered around letters of the alphabet. another good friend and tuesday studio regular

and the e from wendy, a new friend met through  open studios who is also a neighbor & great glass artist

i am so lucky, and so thankful for all of the amazingly generous and talented people that i have in my life. and that includes all of you- happy thanksgiving! (even if you're not in the us)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wed studio night

we were supposed to be out last night, so i moved studio night. 2 pieces sold at the gallery this month (yay!) means gotta make art.

tonight was a bit of a different group- sue rooke, who i met through open studios and is my neighbor came by for a glass of wine and talk (she makes wonderful ceramic sculptures- not exactly portable art); lisa cheney- jorgensen, who i also met thru open studios ( and who used my blog about how fearless she is about putting her art out there to open her class at journalfest by saying she was sure i saw it that way, but really she has a lot of fear- and don't we all?) and nancy, who doesn't have a website i can link to- and more's the pity, b/c you should see her art.

lisa and i talked about art journals. i am not by nature introspective, so tho i have been intrigued by the idea of art journals and even started one or two i haven't gotten far. i process things when i walk the dogs in the mornings and by talking to my friends, i trust my intuition. i see the value of art journals, i think they're cool, but i haven't made the leap to making. i'll have to think about this, probably a round robin or journal exchange would be something to get me to try it, get my feet wet.

anyway, tonight was more background stuff for me, though these are close. the top is raven going into the dark to bring forth the light. raven creating. not quite there, but nearly.

this i think is done.

and now off to bed. movie with a friend tomorrow night and house cleaning (mom & dad will be here next week!) and assorted social engagements this weekend. and hopefully more studio time!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

retrying sunday's post- updated

couple of lovely hikes this weekend. this from sunday, just me & the dogs, a bit of snow and some fall color.

found this on saturday morning's hike with margie & patty & our 5 dogs. it was on the trail pretty much in front of me. not surprising, in view of the number of bird pieces that have been showing up. it's now in the studio.

here are some of the aforementioned birds.

this one may finally be done. i did the hawk transfer and then didn't like it because the background was too dark. some day i will learn. (not here evidently, because i proceeded to do exactly the same damn thing on another piece! hello!)

anyway- so i decided to paint the hawk in. and i used acrylics and wasn't thrilled with that either. i was loving the layered, textured rich background, though.

so i decided to layer over the hawk to knock back what i was less than thrilled with & emphasize the background. and i liked it much better, but after looking at it a few days decided she needed something else.

one of the meaning of hawk is messenger, which is the title of the piece. so i decided that she needed a message, and below you have it. i am going to mix red paint into a fairly solid gel and give the heart some dimension, but otherwise i think i like it.

and here's all the rest of the mess waiting to tell me what to do. ack! i am certain that inspiration is just around the corner.

i sold 2 pieces this month at the gallery (yay!) the nicest thing happened today- when lou told me she sold one of mine she told me that she was happy that she had. it made me feel so good, and reminded me that we are all in it together & should be happy for each other. easier sometimes than others, but still.

other art related (but non art making) stuff- open studios meeting last night. i was accused of looking like i was having fun. me, the meeting hater. it is a good group, though, and i am looking forward to another great year.

and getting ready for our 9th december gypsy gallery- which is really hard to believe. we have a new spot in a great location & 20 artists ready to go. we'll make camp on monday, do the show on first thursday and be out on friday. the shows are so much fun- especially when we can bring other artists in. we have several artists who show with us every chance they get, which is a great feeling. probably more about gypsy next week.

for now- hasta. we were supposed to go to a concert tonight, so no studio night. but hub wasn't feeling too chipper & i got studio on the brain, so i spent some time out there myself. the girls will be here tomorrow instead- yay! more then-

Sunday, November 13, 2011

i posted, but blogger lost it

and i'm tired and it's bedtime, so i guess it'll wait.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


tuesday, you know how i love tuesday! tonight it was (left to right) lynn, pam, nancy & me. i needed a shot in the arm- of positivity & creativity & camaraderie & i got it.

i think i even finished 3 pieces (where i would have thought MAYBE 1 when the night started)
fly away, 8x8 mixed media

mystery, 6x6 mixed media

great horned owl, 6x6 mixed media

i made some progress on this- we'll see what happens with those oil pastels, but at least it's movement.

and lastly- one of these things is not like the others- where will the hot pink want to go?

i am so relieved to have broken thru the block i was feeling. i knew that studio night would help. often the distraction of talking and not working too hard to find an answer and the good creative energy work amazing magic! the block may be back, but at least i'm ahead for now. hasta-

Sunday, November 6, 2011

stuck again...

i've been looking at this piece for a while and not making progress. i know there's something there, but it isn't coming out. typical of this fall for me, it seems. luckily, when they do come through things have been working, so i'll keep hoping. i should have a 6x6 sold that i'll need to replace next week ( hoping for luck with that too, nothing springing to mind there either).

i had 9 teeth pulled on friday due to gum disease that was so far along that was the only answer. needless to say friday & yesterday were pretty much lay on the couch, take pain pills, read & sleep. luckily today was an improvement and i got some studio time in (and was able to eat something besides yogurt or ice cream).

i am on the marketing committee for the gallery. it's a struggle getting members involved, it's always a core group who step up- as with any volunteer organization. though since we are a business you'd think it might be a bit different. but no.

one of the committee members had the great idea for the gallery to donate a tree to a local fundraiser where the trees are sold at auction. we opted for a tabletop tree and asked members to donate animal themed ornaments. one member made the tree and jaki (whose idea this was) painted and decorated it.

as of last week, we had 20 ornaments & i was getting concerned. not the least because i found myself completely unable to come up with one decent animal ornament. mine all sucked. luckily, things came in at the last moment & our tree is looking good- representative of the variety of art in the gallery and fun.

my first job today was to decorate the finial for the top of the tree. i managed to get that done. then i flailed around with some backgrounds & completely overworked/ruined a 6x6 i nearly had done. sigh.

i did manage to get images for my new website loaded for the developer, though, so that's a plus. i am looking forward to having an integrated website/blog/fb presence and to be able to update my galleries, show info, etc. myself. and i really like the woman i am working with, so it's exciting.

i got one of those "i love your art but i can never visit your blog again because of the loud music" comments from someone who visited via the altered page. i replied that that was why there is a warning at the top & instructions for turning off the music. thanks & have a nice day. do i really need to know that?

i guess that someone might appreciate that sort of comment. i would never think to leave one like that myself. seems negative & unnecessary. i should have invited her to visit my website or fb page, where her tender ears won't be assaulted. at the end of the day a) music is a big part of my life & my art and b) i guess that i really blog more to keep myself focused on my art & figure things out than to collect readers. i appreciate each and every one of you who puts up with my music (i am betting that many of you turn down your speakers or turn off the music, just as i do sometimes) and makes comments, i just don't do the necessary stuff to keep growing my followers. and i'm OK with that. there's only so much time.

anyway- enough of that! here's hoping for creative inspiration for all next week!

seth apter's technique/ tool

seth apter writes a wonderful blog called the altered page. among other things, he publishes the pulse, which is the results of a collection of questions sent out to volunteer artists.

this edition of the pulse contained these questions:
  • If you could take a class from one artist from anytime in history, including the present, who would it be and why?
  • The one technique or tool that you cannot live without is… 
  • Show a picture of a favorite piece of art that you have created and explain its meaning for you.
  • How would you describe your artistic style? Include one image that shows this off.
  • What is the one thing that you know now that you would have liked to have known when you first started to create art?
  • Photograph a still life that you create using an array of objects. I have attached an example but absolutely anything goes.
the questions in blue are the one covered so far. i am one of the artists in this week's technique/tool post- click on the image to check it out-

it was a great exercise for me to think about and answer the questions, as i am not generally introspective and it's fun to read other artist's answers. for instance, in the last installment of tools/techniques many mentioned their camera. though i rely heavily on my photography for images in my art it never occured to me to answer that way- funny, isn't it?

anyway, thanks Seth! always enjoy seeing what other artists are up to!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

she flies 2

according to animal speak by ted andrews, crane is about longevity and creation through focus. a symbol of justice and associated with feminine energies. we are fortunate to have a home in an area where sandhill cranes summer and over the years i have managed to get some decent photos (and a lot of awful ones!) i am fascinated by the cranes- love to hear them call, see them in the fields, watch them fly and dance and do what they do.

this is the first she flies (6x6 cradle board) - love the distressed feel, and the fact that she flies even if a little beat up.

the board on the right eventually became the piece below. since crane is a solar symbol (in many cultures) it is appropriate that she started out with reds & yellows.

i struggled with the background for a while. as usual at this point i wasn't sure what image i wanted on the background, and i added some bronze paint, then got the idea of the crane and added red dots, circles and other marks. needed a focal point, put heavy gesso on a paper plate & plopped it down in a central location.

next, the overlay of the crane image to see if it works. it does.

layer of golden soft gel matte medium over the entire surface. i like to have the texture integrated with the entire piece, not only where the transfer is. no matter how subtle, there can be a change of texture or sheen that looks off.

after the transparency was peeled off. great transfer this time. i went back & moved the medium around some to create more texture & minimize the difference between smooth where the transparency was & not smooth elsewhere.

after a few more layers of glazes- quince nickel azo & bronze mixed with glazing medium-

and a detail of the crane-

pretty happy with the way this one turned out. and 1/10th of the way to my new inches for december! trying to get ahead since november will be gone before i know it. and i am bound to sell a few things this month and will need something in the wings :)

fun studio night with nancy, leslie & sue. i do love tuesdays!