Tuesday, October 4, 2011

yay! tuesday!

you know how i love tuesday nights! lynn and pam (left to right) joined me tonight...

and echo

the ponies

and the birds

it is so nice to have my studio space to create in and to share with my friends.

i never really got the point behind studio tours. i painted in the office and my art making spread thru the rest of the house when i started doing mixed media. i joined boise open studios because i wanted to see if i was good enough to be juried into a professional artist's group, not because i wanted people to come into my dirty house and deal with the big dogs only to find an easel set up in the corner of the office & paint and canvases stacked everywhere. but the reality is that's how a lot of us make our art. on kitchen tables, in spare bedrooms, wherever we can.

i really appreciate my studio. i am so lucky to have it. and now that i do, i am beginning to understand the interest in seeing where art is made. and to understand that people would be just as interested in the kitchen table, tho i might be less comfortable sharing that. but my comfort level isn't the point.

there are artists who don't want to do the studio tour because they haven't sold much in the past. me? i am excited to have 2 days in my studio with nothing much to do except make art! i think it's cool that people are interested in seeing how and where artists work. i hope that some of my fellow studio tour artists are brave enough to show the kitchen table/office/spare bedroom studios.

our preview show is at the boise art museum this thursday, open studios weekend the 15 & 15th. looking forward to it!


Barb said...

Yes, you are a lucky artist! (And your friends who share it are lucky, too.) I like the bird.

Pam McKnight said...

Great thoughts on Open Studios! Thanks again for having us, it was a blast and I'm sure glad I never stepped on Echo's head. :)