Sunday, October 30, 2011


this is a process/progress post. i have been scrambling to have enough new art this month, due to selling several large pieces last month (yay!) and having something in the humane society fundraiser that doesn't need to stay in the gallery for the next 2 months.

i set myself a challenge not to put art back into the downtown gallery once it's been there for 3 months. it keeps me working. also, i see art that has been in & out of there for years and it drives me nuts. i don't want people looking at my work & thinking the same. so i try to work ahead as much as i can and stay on top of things.

that said, a few business trips this month and open studios weekend (which was too busy to make art on saturday) left me a little behind the 8 ball. i did manage to get it done, thanks to studio time today.

here's the progress of one of the finally finished pieces.

these are 12x12 wood panels with tissue paper & gel medium for texture & acrylic paint. the one on the right was specially prepped for the fox after i read the animal meanings book- 21 types of fox (there is a 21 in the lower right corner) which corresponds to the tarot card symbolizing the world (there is a map behind the paint). i had another piece of board to paint fox on, but after reading needed to start over and include the background.

from a photo i took of a vixen, i traced the outline of the image. i would have to grid this out if i wanted to draw it, and then deal with getting rid of the gridlines. PITA! i feel sorta guilty doing this, but not too, as i still have to draw with paint to make it look like anything.

body roughed in, ready to start on the scary head

first pass. not bad, not great.

i am glad to see, looking at this photo for the first time, that it would have been very difficult to make the dark roots look right- bc they look odd here to me. hard to tell what's going on from far away. anyway- photo reference & painting-

i hung them up side by side in my office & solved many problems from correcting the slant of the eye to noticing that the front foot was on a downhill slide that didn't work so well.

husband helped by pointing out anatomy questions (where is her hip?) and here we are- vixen, oil on acrylic background-

she is the only non- bird going to the gallery tomorrow. will share the rest in a future post. for now, bed- hangin' day is tomorrow-


artymess said...

lovely.....she looks so soft and fluffy have captured the feel of the fur perfectly......x

Barb said...

Seeing her on that bright background is so surprising - I like it!