Tuesday, October 18, 2011

must produce! ack!

i need 43 new horizontal inches of art by October 30 for the gallery. i had a minor setback by actually selling some new art- one to a friend of mine & 2 during the studio tour.  which i am not complaining about!

if i wasn't such a weirdo about not wanting to repeat anything at the downtown gallery i'd be fine, but there is art in there that i notice has been in and out over the last few years (and not in a good way) and i don't want people looking at mine the same way. so i try really hard to have new art for every hanging rotation and so far i have managed to do that.

these are 12x12 panels ready for animals. i had so much fun oil painting the hawk that i decided to continue down the same road. love that i can make cool textured backgrounds with acrylic and the use oils (actually alkyds)  to finish things off.

the left panel gets a western tanager, photo courtesy of my neighbor molly with my camera while we were on photo safari a few years ago.

decent progress was made tonight. i am not one of those painters who can finish in one setting, tho if i practiced/ took plein air lessons i night get close. i don't think he needs tons more work, tho. he will get something to perch on, and legs, and more contour.

and the fox. i read about the meaning of fox in my animal book and started a whole new background for this painting. there are 21 types of fox, the number 21 aligns with the tarot card the world. in the background is a map and the number 21.

i have been tracing from the photos for these. otherwise i would be gridding things out & then trying to figure out how to get rid of the grid lines. besides, that just gets me the basics. there's still drawing to be done with the brush.

the expression on her face isn't quite right- there's work to be done there as well as the rest of the body. fox is also allied with feminine magic, so i want to capture the sweet feminine look of the fox in the photo (yes it is a female- a young mother).

all in all, good progress for a night's work, though

made even better because pam & nancy were in the studio with me! 

more to come- i need 'em by the 30th!


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

I'm confident you'll have them complete by the 30th. Looking great so far! Congrats on the sales and good luck with the remainder of the show :).
Stay inspired!

artymess said...

Just happened on your blog lovely paintings ........x

Barb said...

I've been seeing so many foxes passing through my property that I did a double-take seeing your painting. I like how you always expand meaning in your works. There is always a literal element and a figurative or suggested element.

Judy Shreve said...

Found your blog through The Altered Page - love your artwork - but probably won't follow your blog because of the loud blast of music that happens every time I try and read it. :-(