Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the gift of art

i got a bit more work done on the tanager this evening. i am enjoying oil painting again so much- love the smell and the texture and blendy-ness of it (i know i've said that recently, but i DO!) maybe some details left (and definitely a better photo), but i think he looks pretty good.

a new friend, a woman i met through the open studios group, lisa cheney jorgensen, came by this evening to pick up some transparencies i had & couldn't use that she hopefully can for a class she's teaching in seattle at journalfest.

lisa does amazing visual journals. visit her blog for a taste. she's an accomplished artist  who is fearless about putting herself and her art out there. lisa's also a graphic designer who contributed a lot of time & energy to our open studios material this year & who has been instrumental in revitalizing the group.

we sat and had a glass of wine in the studio and had the chance to actually talk and get to know each other. it was lovely, and got me thinking about how much art has given me. it's kind of amazing that wondering if i could learn how to paint 12 years ago has had such a profound impact on my life. it's even more amazing how clear the journey has been, and how guides have come along to teach me and to keep me moving.

it's late, and i need to go to bed, but i am very grateful for the chances i've been given and the people who have encouraged me along the way. i appreciate my friends and how open and generous so many of the artists i am lucky enough to know are. i need to bear that in mind when the pettiness at the gallery gets to me- i would be better to celebrate how lucky i am. thanks to all of you who visit and comment regularly and provide encouragement & support & ideas. thanks to those of you who visit & don't comment too- i appreciate your interest.


artymess said...

Lovely painting .......x

Judy Wood said...

Thanks for the link to Lisa's blog and work. You are very lucky to have had her enter your life--what an inspiration her words and work are!!

Tanager is looking good. You have a good handle on painting birds!!

Barb said...

I wish I could comment with a more artistic eye, Marianne - however, I always come and find something to amaze or teach. That is your gift to me.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Marianne, your oil painting is fab! I distinctly remember you telling me you can't draw, and so have to find other ways to create your art. I see now that this is no longer so - if it ever was!

I agree that whatever we strive to do, when the time is right the right teachers will come into our lives to guide us. It has happened to me in many areas of my life. And in fact I meant to mention it at the time but didn't - a single sentence you left on my blog a couple of months ago brought about a great realisation for me that I hope to build on!

Thank you Marianne!
Janice. x

marianne said...

thanks so much to all you you- for the encouragement, ideas & friendship!

Diane said...

Your bird is FABULOUS! LOVE your painting!