Friday, October 21, 2011


one of the things we struggle with at the gallery is people's perception of us. we have fine traditional watercolor and oil painters and photographers but that is not all we are. unlike a privately owned gallery that might specialize in a certain type of art we are purposely eclectic. haven't always been, but we are working on it. still have a bit of the "grandma gallery" perception in town.

the marketing committee has decided that having fun and asking people to join us is a good way to change perceptions. we've started a third friday event, with different art making activities featured. tonight was an exquisite corpse. very simple, parlor game type- draw a head, fold the paper over & pass it along to someone who will draw a body, fold that over & pass it along for legs.

we had 2 jewelers, an assemblage artist, me (notoriously unable to draw, and with no imagination to boot), an origami artist and 3 painters. so 5 of us "can't draw". we had a blast!

the end results were interesting- worked together more often than not, but just plain strange in some cases-

we had so much fun! we didn't have much traffic (the fact that i had the kills blasting- with encouragement from my fellow artists- couldn't have had anything to do with that), but we had a great time playing and not worrying about the final result. great exercise for being loose.

ps- i was the only one who said i couldn't draw and wasn't lying....... 


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

These turned out great! I think of Frida and Diego and this game...have never done it myself but would no doubt drive myself off the deep end *thinking* too hard!
Looks like a fun time was had, even if there was a smaller turn out...
Hey, give it time.
People are so slow to adjust to something new!


Barb said...

This reminds me of the children's game of putting 3 different panels together to make something unique. Then, of course, there must be a story to go with it. I love the bird, by the way.