Sunday, October 2, 2011

catching up

what with house cleaning and house guests there was not a lot of time for art last week. i had the happy experience of selling 3 (yes, 3!) 16x20 paintings at the gallery last week and was scrambling for art to put in today (hanging day) because i am such a weirdo about not wanting to repeat anything at the downtown gallery.

i did finally get the hawk where i wanted her. the paint was wet when she went on the wall, but it'll dry! i am really happy with the outcome. several of the members there today initially thought this was a photo. i am jazzed about doing more oil paintings over textured backgrounds & think i will start making backgrounds when i am otherwise uninspired.

we had several artists, once again, without new art this month. we're giving everyone until january before we start pulling things, but it is so nice to know that we have a plan in place to start enforcing the rules! there are a few things in the gallery that we move every month and are very tired of looking at. yes, i can be the art nazi....

here is my wall- NOT looking like a garage sale, contrary to the opinion of some. i did panic a bit after i sold those larger pieces, because all i had ready to go were 6x6's (because i was so sure i would sell some of the nests- fooled again!). the 11x14 hawk helps.

we are also doing a benefit for the humane society this month, and have a section of animal paintings with 10% of the proceeds being donated. hopefully we'll sell some art & make 'em some $$.

back to the studio this week. the preview show for open studios weekend is at the art museum on thursday and then i need to do some studio tidying up and get ready for the tour, which is the 15 & 16. the fun never ends!

happy monday all!


Barb said...

Congratulations on your sales! Is that figure on the wall yours? I don't remember it. It's pouring rain here.

marianne said...

that one is not mine- it's cyndy lounsbury's. she does wonderful work, doesn't she? raining here too & i don't like it!