Sunday, October 16, 2011

boise open studios weekend

this weekend was boise's open studios tour. my second year participating, the first in my studio. i was excited to have my art chosen for the cover of the boise weekly, the local alternative paper that partners with BOSCO (boise open studios collective) on the tour.

i wasn't sure what to expect, so i set up and planned on working in the studio all afternoon.

silly me! the weather was beautiful and we're in a central location so i was pretty busy all day saturday. it was great fun talking to people about my art and sharing my wonderful studio space. some of my favorite artists stopped by to say hi too, which always makes me smile.

today was rainy all day. consolidated things and set up the canopy. i wasn't going to put anything out, just let people come into the studio, but i realized that having my finished work available was informative. the canopy rocked and maintained its integrity through a whole day of showers.

i wasn't sure how traffic would be but was pleased to have a good number of visitors. i learned from yesterday & had some examples of transfers and how different mediums work ready to show. it was slow enough that i got to work on some art too, which was helpful when people asked questions about my process. (which i normally describe as pull everything out, see what looks interesting and where that takes you- not a terribly informative answer).

at the end of the day the studio was messy but i had lots of stuff in the works.

this was such a great, rewarding experience.
  • i was fascinated by how many people thought it was interesting to tour studios
  • it was cool that people came because they knew my art
  • nice to have artist friends stop by 
  • fun to meet neighbors who were out walking & took advantage of the sign in the yard to come in and check things out
i am energized about making art again because of the people who came to my studio this weekend. established artists as well as those just starting out, people thinking about trying to make art, people who appreciate art but don't make it. i hope i was able to provide encouragement and ideas as was done for me when i was starting out.

this was such an excellent experience on so many levels that even if i hadn't sold a damn thing (which i did) i would sign up again in a heartbeat. and not just to show off my wonderful studio.

best lesson: think about your music! i almost blasted the kills' f$%k the people without realizing it. that might have been bad. then again, i am an artist therefore eccentric, right? :)

i sold 2 of the pieces i was planning on taking to the gallery to swap out next month- gotta get after some art making, so expect more regular posts!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Laughing about the music we listen to without thought...I have my fair share of *non-people* music! ;-D
Glad things went well and most of all, glad the slump is behind you.
It is always interesting to me what gets us out of those, and it is so varied.
Love the WIPs!!!


Diane said...

Sounds like the show was very successful! Wish I could've dropped by!

Barb said...

Get busy! Get busy! Your art space looks so appealing - I bet visitors were impressed. I can tell you're psyched! (PS It's snowing here...)

Pam McKnight said...

nice write up! Just finished writing mine before I saw yours. :)

marianne said...

hi all- thanks for visiting vicariously! wish you all could have been here too!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Congratulations! Your canopy looks brilliant with all your artwork set out. Sounds like the weekend was great for you and for visitors too.