Thursday, October 27, 2011


i had a boss tell me one time that since business travel is not the most fun thing in the world- and this was before 9/11 and airlines charging for bags & all of that stuff- you may as well enjoy the places you go when you have done what you went there to do. made a lot of sense to me. i always knew guys who stayed at the hotel by the airport & worked through the evening- because, after all, they weren't at home so they may as well.

i am more the type to find a good place for dinner, hopefully one i can walk to (because the exercise thing is good & i need to move & be outside) and see where i am, maybe talk to some folks & learn something. i like to see new things and learn and people are pretty much endlessly fascinating.

so, once i saw and did what i needed to in albuquerque i had a bit of time to look around. i stopped at petroglyph national monument. got to enjoy big stormy skies

and get some exercise and see some ancient art-

mysteries in those petroglyphs. no one has yet quite figured out what they mean or why they were created. art? storytelling? warnings? directions? i love that we don't know. it's good to have questions that can't readily be answered.

i also made it to old town, despite a less than stellar (i'd say downright disappointing) dinner the previous night. i think that the hotel guy sent me to a "safe" mexican restaurant. i've had bland mexican food (that's an oxymoron, right?), not what i came for. and it was night and dark and the area looked touristy. which doesn't offend me but i do want some charm. charm was greatly lacking in my tuesday evening experience.

but i went back the next day (my sister said this is one of her favorite places on facebook when i checked in there, so i figured i must have missed something). the first place i went on wednesday had red and blue animals that looked like cattle with strange spiked horns-

and happy lizards piled on each other hanging in the sun

and some of my favorite creatures- flying pigs- (the cute yellow guy is coming home with me)

i got a blast of bright beautiful sunny south of the border color

which i suspect may inform some winter art.

walked through galleries and saw some great (and less than g) stuff. funniest was a gallery advertising "the most modern art" with leroy neiman prints prominently displayed upon entrance. please.

but i saw some amazing art too. 2D, 3D and jewelry. none of which i could justify purchasing. a woman in one store laughed at me when i told her not to take a necklace i was admiring out of the case bc i was scared. but that's how beautiful the necklace was and how tempted i would have been. she appreciated my honesty. (maybe not, but at least i made her laugh!)

anyway- i am grateful that i get to travel with my job. i actually see it as an opportunity to go and see places that i otherwise wouldn't. i am lucky enough to have friends in some of the places i regularly go too. it's a good gig.

happy friday all- i am going to be panicked and trying to finish enough art up to have new stuff for the sunday hanging, come back and see how it goes :)


artymess said...

Cute piggies and love that mysterious ancient art .....x

becky said...

glad you had a nice time in ABQ. I have some of the same pics of the Petroglyphs! I found it interesting when I went there- the close proximity to urban sprawl was such a juxtaposition.
Have a fun weekend of art making!