Tuesday, September 6, 2011

studio night!

tuesday studio night with pam & nancy- yay! great evening as always!

this is the thing i worked on for much of the evening. it's a gesso board box, 8x8. loving these boxed boards for the support they provide for layers.

here it is in august

and various stages over the past few weeks

the seed pods are from daylilies. although i love the dragonfly and the paper on the right hand side i felt like i needed something to tie things together, so i washed a glaze of ultramarine over everything, wiped some of it off with rubbing alcohol and then decided to paint a daylily over all.

this may still need a glaze of maybe nickel quince azo to tie the flower together. nancy laughed when i asked if it looks old lady (painting flowers scares me). that's what friends are for!

what do you think?

i had to laugh at the photo of things in progress or recently finished on my bench- see a theme?

i'm afraid that i need to apply myself to learning to draw. tracing is good for small pieces, and gridding things out works for larger ones, but i think that maybe it's time to make myself take the next step. ouch.

pam offered drawing on the right side of the brain, but i am not sure that's the right approach (the exercises and all). i need to think about this, and not do anything rash.

hmmmm... doodling would be a good place to start probably, if i could make myself doodle something that was supposed to look like something. ideas?


Barb said...

I think you might be going to the birds! Hmmm - I'm old and am drawn to flowers - yeah, you'd better stop painting them! PS I like the heron in flight. Plus - I kinda like the second to last rendition BEFORE you applied the wash. Oh, well - you know me.

marianne said...

pah! i like flowers too, and all flowers are not old lady! i liked that version ok too, but i kept going :)