Sunday, September 4, 2011


one of my favorite birds on the marsh in the spring are the yellowheaded blackbirds. there are so many of them singing away and chasing each other around. the nest series is from a photo of yellow headed blackbird eggs.

i've got a lot of photos of them, decided to paint this one.

i painted the canvas green, then added strips of green rice paper (thanks lynn!) and lighter green tissue for texture. below, comparing to the background of the photo.

wanted something to add a bit more interest in the background- and we all know that all art, especially music, incorporates math, so why not some numbers.....

then i added another wash of paint to knock back the gesso & tie the background together and a layer of tissue for more texture. the first tissue i laid down wrinkled horizontally and that didn't work at all. so i pulled it up & turned it but it didn't retain any wrinkles.

back to the drawing board- and the second try worked nicely. then i traced the photo (cheater! but it works) and painted him in. surprisingly quickly, i might add. i was surprised that there wasn't a lot of over and re-painting. i used micaceous iron oxide mixed with carbon black for his body, more mica for the lighter bits (with some titan buff mixed in for the highlights) and straight carbon black for the darkest.

tomorrow i plan to pull out the alkyds and start on my hawk. woo hoo! brave girl.

in the meantime, speaking of hawks, here are a few i saw today-

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Michelle V. Alkerton said...

I love the incredible texture you were able to achieve!!
Stay inspired!
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