Friday, September 23, 2011

scary stuff

for some odd reason i thought that i should clean out the scary art closet. the one that holds all of the artwork that i tried to sell once. and art that i tried to sell more than once but not in the right place. 

some of it is just not good- as in someone might buy it (and goddess bless 'em if they do and i'm glad for the joy it will bring them), but really? some of it IS good and i don't know why i still own it. and then there's the stuff i just don't know about.

i haven't painted in a long damn time. and still lifes scare me. cuz it involves drawing and being still. but i did the three below, showed them, then put 'em in the closet. so when i was cleaning today and found them i hauled 'em out and thought- they aren't so scary. but i could be wrong.....

i remember being so excited that i painted metal that looked like metal.

i think about how militant i get with the other folks in the gallery and i wonder if this work of mine is good enough to hang there (as in at the standard i would like to see). hard to know about your own work. and we all slide stuff. or get emotionally involved one way or t'other.

your opinion?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

My guess is someone might be apt to buy all three of these.
My question is (and don't take this the wrong way....) Will this affect your other art sales? Will customers start looking for more like these?
I guess it depends on if you want to return to painting or continue with what you're doing~~people outside, not artists, have a hard time understanding we can do several types of work....not just one.
Love the blue glass though....beautiful!


Barb said...

They have such depth - and are so unlike your more recent art! Lucinda loves the top one - in fact, she's salivating.