Wednesday, September 21, 2011

oil painting

i haven't oil painted in a long time- probably 4 years. the paints (alkyds) have been hanging around, waiting. i pulled them out a week or so ago to paint the hawk. quickly remembered the smell of the paint and turpenoid and the wonderful creamy blendy way they work.

here's ms. hawk at the end of the last session- still needing work. the beautiful thing about alkyds is that they dry overnight, unlike traditional oils, which can take a week. not that i got right back to her.

here's the painting when my husband came home- happier with the body, there is still something needing work. he pinpointed that as the head needing more.

and here's where that ended up- better, still needing some work. like the body pretty well, just need a bit more work on the head.....

 wish me luck! :)

as for our meeting- long and painful. i don't understand how people can join an organization knowing what is expected and sign a contract and then be surprised when the terms are enforced. and that was the easy part. we did amend the bylaws to read that art has to be out for 4 months before it can come back in too- yay!

we also got to rehash- again- hanging small pieces at the airport. even tho the membership voted down the proposed change last meeting and the board decided not to put in on the agenda, supposedly closing the door on the discussion. but NO! i think maybe we're finally done, tho. i hope.

anyway- hopefully ms. hawk helps me finish her tomorrow or this weekend & i get inspired to get started on something else!


Barb said...

Oh - I hope you don't change her too much - she has such a LOOK.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Marianne, I LOVE your hawk! As Barb says, she has such a look! :) Your brushwork is so delicate.