Wednesday, September 7, 2011

birds of a feather

this is the remnant of an exquisite corpse project from last year. not crazy about it, tried a few touch ups. gave up and added a layer of plaster. and i still hated it and couldn't see where it could do- even after coats of paint. so i decided to add more plaster. taped the sides & slathered in a bunch of joint compound.

then i drew in the joint compound. this works better once it has begun to set up a bit. my first few tries weren't so good (hence my growing feeling that i should make myself draw), but i finally ended up with a form that i could live with.

here it is dried- you can see that the product cracked, probably because of the thickness of the application. i don't mind, i think it adds character. i may add a titan buff glaze to make it look more distressed. not sure where i'm going from here- this has paint and a layer of watered down matte gel medium on it. i need the medium to keep things from crumbling, but i hate using too much because it takes away some of the character of the plaster.

and, par for the course, another piece with the same image. this is actually the transparency that i was drawing the bird from. 6x6 on wood.

i think i like it better before i put the moon in. what do you think?

worked on some more layered bases too. trying to get ahead since i will be gone all of next week and because it will just feel good to be a bit ahead. cuz something's bound to sell soon! :)


Susan Sager Brown said...

I LOVE the moon addition!!

Susan Sager Brown said...

oh how bout smooshing some dried flowers on top the plaster piece? like dried lavendar or grasses, flattened queen annes lace???hmmmm ya never know....must try plaster..must try plaster....

marianne said...

thanks susan! interesting thought on the top one, you may have something......and yes, you must try plaster!