Sunday, September 18, 2011

back at last!

glad to be home after a week in san antonio. a busy week, but good. no down time, though, so it was good to get home and have a chance to veg.

first two photos from yesterday & today's hikes. so nice to be back in the not humid west!

my morning glory is just fabulous- i can't believe that i never had one before! i will share more garden shots- the back yard is wonderful- i planted lots of annuals to fill in for the small perennials and it worked great. need to think about annuals in the front yard too.....

got to the studio today. started this a few weeks ago, over an old piece. this is drawn in plaster-

then painted and left to contemplate. 
decided that the edges could use some embellishment and pushed spackle thru a stencil to end up with the texture below-

wanted more the look of an old piece of plaster, so i washed titan buff fluid acrylic thinned with water over the blue to tone it down.

better, but realized i needed to put some blue on the spackle to blend it in.

and another wash of the buff. what i'm having trouble with now is how to seal this. tried clear gesso, but i had some of the spackle come off and leave white spots. maybe the gesso wasn't quite dry enough. i could use thinned matte medium, but haven't been crazy about what that does to the look of the plaster in the past. i made myself stop and let this dry and will regroup tomorrow.

tried the citrasolve transfer to plaster again, with better results. i think the image has a lot to do with it. i also did a better job of adding a little citrasolve at a time & doing a lot of burnishing in between. be fun to see where these go-

member meeting at the gallery tomorrow night, where we will attempt to give the hanging committee the authority to enforce the rules around switching out 1/3 of art monthly and pulling pieces after they've been in for 3 months. the rules are in the bylaws, and we all signed a contract, but there is no method for enforcement. we're also going to try to pass a rule that something needs to be out for 6 months before it can be rotated back in. it's going to be interesting to see how all of this goes over. stay tuned!


Pam McKnight said...

I wondered if you were out in your studio this afternoon when I passed your house on my bike coming back from HP. guess I should have stopped in...looking good on the plaster!

Judy Wood said...

My limited experience with spackle suggests that it is easily disturbed, even when dry. Try using a spray-on sealer as your finishing coat.

becky said...

Hey Marianne,
thanks for stopping by :)
I've been a bit absent lately, but good to know you are always here, creating something new.
Gosh, I'd love to walk down that winding country road... it looks so peaceful to me.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Fascinating to see your stages here. Actually it looked pretty perfect to me second from last shot!

Barb said...

I love the dusty road! I'm always amazed at the drastic changes your art takes from start to finish. I'm fascinated in the process. I've been thinking of you, Marianne - glad you had a good trip.