Tuesday, September 27, 2011

art at last!

ack! i have been cleaning house. part of the reason i get art made is that i don't clean, but husband has cousins coming to visit and we thought that maybe a deep clean was in order. and we're still not done, but we are close.

so i'm going to show off some of the handy work! this is the joint office/computer room (where the art table used to be) lots of room in here now.

this is my home office. you can tell by the tom petty poster over the desk. where i slave away selling gum & candy. also the guest room (there's a daybed against the wall across from the desk) so it had to be cleaned.

this is also the room where the out of rotation art hangs out. in the closet. which hasn't been too organized. it is now tho!

check it out- i even labeled the boxes with the art they contain. and yes, i can figure out what that says if i have to.

i did a lot of purging and repacking and cleaning, but it is nice to have things organized again. the 5 hours i spent in the kitchen last night was not nearly as much fun. oh well!

the reward was studio night tonight. nancy & lynn came over. lynn has a birthday tomorrow, so we had champagne. we laughed and talked and listened to music and made art and it was good.

bonus for me was that since lynn is a sculptor she had a real feel for what need to happen in my hawk's head (as in seeing the skull) and helped me work out what was needed. much better now, and done. we talked about going to the birds of prey center together and taking a behind the scenes tour. i think that this would be particularly cool to do with lynn to watch how she sees the birds.

be sporadic posts the rest of the week, as there is more cleaning and music and then visitors and hanging day but i hope to get back to a regular schedule soon! luckily i am ahead a bit on art and in good shape for sunday's hanging.


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Beautiful hawk!! The effect has him popping right off the canvas.
Stay inspired!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the hawk!!! Congrats on the art...and the organizing.
I need to do both, and find myself sitting in a lump ignoring everything for a bit longer.
It will happen when it happens....and I keep asking myself, WHY do artists save everything??? ;-)
(just so we have to go through it later and pitch it....)


marianne said...

thanks guys! anne- we save everything b/c we might use it some day! i hauled a lot of stuff to the studio instead of the trash! :)

Barb said...

Congratulations on your purging and reorganizing. I need to clean too - company next week. It's good I get that prod once in awhile! That hawk is amazing - hope you don't feel the need to paint over it!