Friday, August 26, 2011

what happened?

wow- it's already friday! what happened?

i did get to spend the evening in my studio, though, and am so happy about that. mostly getting ready for sunday's gallery hanging. i will be short about 10 linear inches this month cuz i didn't get enough made and i don't want to trot old stuff out. oh well!

i finally found a good use for all of those stupid sawtooth hangers that come with prefab frames that i can't use for shows. when i went to clip the canvas into the frame i found that the clips were wider than my canvas. so i got creative. i now know why i didn't just toss these damn things.

and here's the front- looks like i did a decent job of rendering mr. buff.

i finally got this where i want it. took a bit of work. the bird is scratched into drywall paste, the rest of the piece is modeling paste & a bit of crackle paste. this is an old piece reworked.

started with a black bird- crow, raven, that was the thought. but it just didn't work.

decided that everything was too close tonally, but i couldn't figure out how to lighten the background.

went for color, but i still have no darks or lights. and it's kinda garish, not quite what i was going for.....

i quit taking photos of all of the background trials, but after many washes and alcohol rub outs i finally put a white glaze on it and a quince nickel azo (my old standby) wash and got it to where i wanted it. i also used some turquoise acrylic ink to get the bird where i wanted her, and dropped liquid thalo blue in the low spots. and i actually like it and am done:)

looking forward to more plaster play. got some goodies from blick- sculpey clay for making casts and plaster tape- to experiment with. but first, open studios website maintenance tomorrow- three of us are getting together to upload the artist images for our october open studios weekend tomorrow afternoon and then eilen jewell tomorrow night. fun stuff!


Barb said...

I'm always amazed at what you start with and where you finish! By the way, I forgot to say congrats on your 1000th post (now 1001)! Going to bike race today - it finishes downtown Breck.

Robbie said...

I always look forward to your posts and seeing your work in progress and completed works!

Dyche Designs said...

I never understood why you can't use sawtooth hangers at gallery showings. Love seeing the work as it progressed.

marianne said...

thanks all!
@dd- sawtooth hangers are a major p i t a to hang in a gallery or show. a wire is much easier for the folks doing the hanging. i used to hang a show that was done mostly on wire panels with s hooks & sawtooth hangers didn't work at all. you'd be surprised at how much difference it makes.