Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tuesday evening!

back in town, tuesday night in the studio- yay! lynn, nancy and pam ( left to right) along for the fun.

i am at one of those "everything is looking like it is half done and doesn't know what direction to take" modes. 6 inches left to fill for the gallery for september.

up to 4 nest images so far. those of you who know me know that i tend to use certain images over and over again. the nest will be one of those.

i think that this one is done (with the imaginative name of nest 2, since the first was just nest and i went from there). this is the laser image transfer to fiber paste. the background is some of the national geo citrasolve paper and there are layers of matte gel medium and paint (mostly micaceous iron oxide washes). 6x6 box board.

this is just started, again with nat geo pages and mica iron oxide. this laser transfer was done on soft gel medium. i ended up painting white gesso on the back so i could use it on a colored background b/c it is so transparent. like the path it's headed down. 8x8 canvas.


used to be this

but it started cracking and getting funky so i tore the bad parts off and started over. slopped drywall compound on what i ripped off and drew the bird in with a skewer. let it dry, added washed. the one bad thing about this drywall compound is that when it gets wet it loses shape and picks up brush strokes. anyway, layers of paint later we're almost there, but need something more.

fun fun studio evening- music, wine, good company, creativity- good to be back for a while :)

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