Tuesday, August 9, 2011

studio night!

 first studio night in a while- and it was great- lynn, pam, pam's daughter katherine, nancy & jenifer all showed up and we all fit! what a lovely evening- so nice to catch up and create with everyone.

i started this in may

and got this far in june, then quit. hit the wall, got scared, went to other things. but the buff has been looking at me, and i didn't think he needed a whole lot more, i just had to be in the right place.

i decided that tonight would be a good time to go back to him- while i was talking and visiting and couldn't freak out about ruining where i was so far.

and i am pretty happy with where we ended up. will see how light the swirlies dry (they're gesso, and that usually lightens a bit). if they don't dry light enough i can sand them back a bit.

happy happy studio night! and a painting mostly done too. woo hoo!

1 comment:

Diane said...

You should be VERY pleased with this one! I LOVE it...so different!
You have that magic touch, Marianne!