Monday, August 1, 2011

non art- making art related stuff

my art time tonight was spent getting applications ready for our juror for Boise Open Studios' 2011 membership drive. it's a blind jury, so i pulled all of the images into a folder numbered by applicant and dropped statements & resumes into a different folder. printed off image lists and info and numbered to match the images files.

it's hard to truly do a blind jury in a town this size as the arts community isn't huge and in many cases the juror will recognize the artist's work. but not always. and a professional juror will be impartial (as much as possible anyway).

the idea behind Open Studios is to have a group of professional artists who invite the community into their studios annually, so the resume becomes important in terms of showing a working artist who is serious about their craft. the last few go 'rounds were juried by members via a survey monkey type process. we opted for an outside juror this time (i keep feeling that i might never have made it in if that had been the case when i was juried in).

i'm looking forward to sitting in on the process tomorrow and learning. i have (obviously) already formed opinions about the art and am curious to see what the juror thinks. there are applicants who didn't follow the very detailed instructions, so we'll see what our esteemed juror wants to do there. in a situation with lots of entries those would be tossed right away, but that isn't the case here, so maybe there will be mercy.

at least the images are all good- no frames included or leaning against the garage shots (that would earn an immediate no).

the other thing i did was go to home depot and buy me some tools :) a few of those thingys that cut round holes all the way through a piece of wood ( i have ideas!), some clamps, a tool bag. can't wait for time to play! but that will be a little while as i'm off to the windy city early wed for dad's 41st celebration of his 39th bithday, including a visit with most of the konvalinka family, a trip to lollapalooza with my nephew, a cubs game and who knows what other fun. can't wait!

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Barb said...

Now you'll need a tool belt, too!