Sunday, August 28, 2011

new work- and rant warning

today was hanging day at the gallery. monthly before first thursday (our gallery stroll) we rehang the gallery. each artist is supposed to trade out 1/3 of their work. we have 144 linear inches, so that would be 48 linear inches. i was sure that i was going to be short inches this month b/c i didn't see how i would have enough new work done. but i managed to finish a few things and the gap went from 18 inches to 10 to 4.

this is the last piece i finished. this is a shot of the laser transfer that i did to a 3x3 canvas onto fiber paste, then painted over with acrylic thinned with glazing medium.

the 3x3 canvas fit perfectly into the back of this 6x6 that i had been washing with paint left from other things and was the perfect color for the image. (i need to figure out what brand of canvas this was, as none of the 6x6 left on the shelf will take a 3x3 like this. damnit!)

with the interior wood painted

and the finished product- which brought me up to 140 of my 144 inches and was completed around midnight last night, after the eilen jewell concert.

and i was up at 6:30 to walk dogs before going to the gallery to hang. and when i got there, the same regular group of artists hadn't bothered to bring in new art to hang and we were still moving and rehanging their art, even though we have the conversation about making everyone follow the rules every month. and i lost it.

it makes me incredibly angry that i work very hard to produce new art monthly to meet my obligation to the gallery, full time job and all, and these people are allowed to disregard the rules. i feel strongly that it is important for the gallery to have new art monthly.

i don't understand people who call themselves artists but don't produce art. working artists produce art- they grow and learn and keep refining and create a body of work. if we want to be taken seriously as a gallery and not viewed as a vanity gallery or old lady coop we need to push our members to keep getting better.

i have only once (for valentine's day) rehung something that was in the gallery previously. there have probably been some times when i have hung things that weren't great but were new, but i am getting better about that. and that's better than bringing in things that aren't great OR new.

what i am working on now is letting this go. because all i can control is myself. i have made my feelings on this very clear and spoken to board members and i can't really do any more. my mantra for the next hanging day will be ohm.....


Terrie said...

I feel your pain! It's SO frustrating when others take advantage to the detriment of the group! I just found your blog through Seth's Sunday list and as I scrolled through your last posts preparing for the hanging, I have to say I love your tenacity and your work to improve and change and try things.

It's an inspiration to me as a fledgling artist to see how a piece evolves and changes and to see how the same subject (your nest) can be adapted and reworked! I have to find out more about transfers - I've read/heard about them but never tried it. Maybe a little hunting on you tube is in order :)

Love your pieces and hope you have a successful gallery showing!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oooooooooooooohhhhhh.....I so feel your pain. Been there, done that, butted heads, yelled, screamed (cussed...*gasp!*...LOL!) and discovered it did no good. NONE.
Let me make a guess here.
People that actively work, sell.
People who don't, don't sell much.
I just removed (or am hoping it is being sent home!) my work from Missouri due to no publicity, except for the woman running the gallery.
I paid for PR.
Co-ops......get out the Excedrin and a case of Prep H.
And a few bottles of wine....


Judy Wood said...

Your rants are always entertaining, especially since they so often mirror rants I've had or at least thought about, and today's is no exception.
I've said much the same over the last couple of years (about "artists" who don't actually ever seem to produce anything) as I have tried to get participants for the annual fall art show I put on. Year after year the same people "haven't managed to get anything done" so can't join in. Luckily I've expanded my artist list to include quite a few who do actually generate art, although now I have to deal with the fact that they are often completely unequipped to display it and hope that I will provide everything they need for that. :-) I guess that's evolution of a sort. As to the "rules"--isn't that what they are there for, to be followed? Maybe there should be a rule about how often the same art can be recycled through a gallery space. Hey wait a minute--I've had that rant too about a local community mall gallery I have shown at!!

Robbie said...

I'm also fascinated by your work...know your feeling on your 'vent'...I get frustrated with folks who say they are going to do this and going to do that but never do anything! At least you are trying new techniques, producing wonderful art and learning along the way.

marianne said...

@ terrie- thanks for visiting. there's a yahoo group for inkjet transfers with a wealth of info and helpful artists that you may want to check out. or email me if i can help.
@ anne & judy- yes, nothing new under the sun. too bad we're not all in the same place, we'd have one helluva coop!judy- yes, it's fun doing shows with people who aren't set up to do same.
as for the rules- it takes someone to enforce them, which is what we are lacking at the moment.
@Robbie- thanks!

Cindy Jones Lantier said...

I can feel your pain, too. I've gone through stages of being one of those "artists" who don't regularly produce, depending on what's going on in my personal life. Even so, I would never take part in a gallery situation like yours, if I didn't think I could meet the obligations. That's just WRONG! Rules are meant to keep things fair and balanced (well, most of the time!), and are meant to benefit everyone involved.

Anne was so right -- those who actively work, sell. And those who don't, don't. Words I needed to hear today! Thanks to both of you.

Oh! I also wanted to say that I am falling in love with your work! I love how you share your process. Thanks for that. It's generosity like yours that keeps my creative juices flowing!