Sunday, August 7, 2011

my kind of town

back from 4 days in chicago celebrating the 41st anniversary of my dad's 39th birthday. my sis turns 50 this month too. we met in chicago (where my dad, sister & i were born) and got to see relatives and enjoy the city.

art institute one day- nothing like seeing paintings in person- rothko, jackson pollack, van gogh. amazing and inspiring. i also like that there is an arts & crafts section which shows furniture and some decorative items as art.

and a selection of architectural bits and pieces. chicago is full of wonderful architecture, and it is cool to see it acknowledged as art.

took my nephew to lollapalooza on friday to enjoy a different sort of cultural experience with 90,000 of our closest friends. we had a good time and i did see some other old people :)

wrigley field for a cubs game on saturday (they won!) and home today. it was a great trip, nice to spend time with the family and to see cousins & my aunt & uncle who i haven't seen in years.

looking forward to some studio time this week, though i am off again thursday and friday for a music festival in challis, idaho. why does they all happen at the same time? anyway- hopefully some art will be made and posted before then!

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Diane said...

Wonderful pictures Marianne. It sounds like a great trip!