Sunday, August 21, 2011

long time away

ack! has it really been tuesday since i've blogged? things were supposed to slow down! i've been busy, though, never fear.....

wednesday night was a meeting to organize our fall open studios tour.

friday night was third friday at the gallery. we held a quick draw, with artists completing a piece of art in 2 hours to be auctioned off to benefit a local non profit. we had 2 oil painters, one working in acrylic, an assemblage artist, a jewelry maker working in enamel and a collaboration between a jeweler and painter to make a mobile. it was fun, and traffic keeps building.

saturday was tour de fat, a celebration of bikes sponsored by new belgium brewing. it's sort of an old fashioned traveling vaudeville show, featuring things like porta-yoke (karaoke in a refitted porta potty), oddly constructed bikes to try out, music, magic and- of course- beer. we always volunteer b/c money earned supports foothills trails, among other things. lots of costumes. the unofficial theme this year was blazing saddles and here i am in costume-

a shot through a large kaleidoscope-

this morning started with a nice hike

and i got back in the studio! all of this stuff in progress- time to finish some of it up for the next hanging!

here's the progress on this one-

sanded it back some and added highlights, also added the flower with modeling paste through a stencil

and as it is now. i think i need a bit of stem on the other side of the beak, and some more washes, maybe some bright colors spattered throughout, but it's coming along.

i was liking this as it was, but felt it wasn't finished.

googled nest and found " a nest is a place of refuge", which i liked (i've been using this image so much lately that it's nice to have a conscious meaning attached), so i used rub on letters to add that to the side of the piece. then went looking for another layer.

tried a few things to transfer- this looked a bit too ominous

this worked better for me- both sort of watching over the nest and maybe looking to the refuge.

i used golden soft gel matte to do the transfer. wasn't feeling like dealing with some of the texture issues i sometimes get with caulk when i use it on a large piece, and i decided what the heck. it worked great. (apollo transparency).

pleased with the progress on both, and hopeful i will have enough finished before next sunday! it could be a flurry of activity- come back & see!

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