Monday, August 15, 2011

idaho music

last weekend was the braun brothers reunion in beautiful challis idaho. drivable from home. my friend and i loaded up (this is for 2 of us for 3 nights) thursday morning and headed out. you'd think everything we need is in here, but i forgot the tent. true. luckily they rented them at the rv park so we didn't have to sleep in the car.

you know that you're at an idaho music festival when the stage is half of a double wide
the beer garden is made from stock gates

and the surroundings are beautiful (to my eye at least)

there were moments when it felt like we were being invaded (but at least they understand good music)

country, but old, good, non pop country with enough variety to keep things interesting. as usual, i am trying to figure out why some performers really got through to me and others (who were anticipated and liked by other folks we talked to) left me cold.

one up and coming songwriter in particular left us wondering what we didn't get. we left during robert earl keen b/c even tho i like his songwriting we like it better performed by other people and my friend didn't care to stay. i like mickey and the motorcars better than reckless kelly (4 brothers, 2 bands, reckless older and more established, but mickey is more fun live and has more rock star charisma than big bro).

the greencards were a pleasant discovery, and rodney crowell gave great show.

randy rogers band is great, and the one most heard around our campsite, but hands down the best act of the weekend for me was cody canada and the departed. saw a guy sitiing in front of us early on and thought " he looks like a rockstar". it was cody canada and when he got up on stage with the band he was. some of it is skill, some of it that i just plain like the music better and some of it an indefinable power to pull people in.

because i love live music and it moves me so i am always trying to find the connection- what makes my heart sing and my feet move and what leaves me cold and why. i've seen some technically proficient musicians put on flawless shows and been bored to death. one of the opening acts (local) was a little rougher than some of the bigger ones that followed but, to me, more fun.

some of it is simply the music- not so big on piano or vocals at the higher end of the register, but there's more. there's an energy that creates a shared experience at the best shows. affected by the viewer's mood and perception, no doubt, but the best performers can reach most people. rodeny crowell was so strong that some of the idiots talking through his show in front of the stage even shut up occasionally.

and then i try to translate all of this to visual art...... and i'm still working on that one! but i do think that it is part the artist, part the viewer and part an indefinable energy. there are technically proficient artists who leave me cold too- what do you think?

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