Wednesday, August 31, 2011

breathing room

one more night in the studio, a bit more progress.

the one below is done- it's 6x6 cradled panel, the background is one of the Nat Geo citrasolve pages (click to read the post), the crane is an apollo transparency inkjet transfer using golden soft matte gel medium. i thought about painting in the rather large spot in the wing that didn't transfer, but i kind of like it this way and i got such good response on facebook that i know i'm not the only one.

this has been hanging around for a while- since july probably, 8x8 cradled panel. (i'm loving these cradled wood panel from blick- they are great for layering and about the same price as canvas). anyway- this is how it sat for weeks.

and here after last night and tonight. making progress. as always it helps me to see it up here, at a bit of a remove. more layers will be good, but it's shaping up.

i have a routine colonoscopy friday- oh joy! so i will probably be silent for a while- be drinking icky goo tomorrow night to clean things out and maybe too tired to do much friday night (but we'll see about that!) so happy labor day everyone-


Judy Wood said...

Step away from the crane piece! It is just right exactly as it is!!

Robbie said...

The crane IS awesome...don't do anything to it!

marianne said...

thanks! i won't touch the crane!

Diane said...

Love them all Marianne. The texture in #2 is wonderful & I love the bright colors popping out in the bottom one. I have yet to try Citrasolve but I just saw a big bottle today in Aaron Brothers. I also spotted it in Sprouts Farmers Market....Perhaps I should be buying it since it's popped out at me twice now. Happy Labor day to you!