Saturday, July 2, 2011

time moves on

from this 3 weeks ago,

the yellow headed black bird chicks now look like this. they've learned to be still. i was afraid to look at this photo because i could tell that there were feathers in the nest but there was no movement or noise.


now looks like this

the color for july seems to be pink- sego lillies


and the yet to be identified but often seen flower below

back to boise earlier than expected, hanging new art at the gallery tomorrow, lucinda williams tomorrow night, then studio time!!!!! woo hoo!!!


becky said...

time does go... way too fast! fun to see the transformations though. have fun at the concert!

Barb said...

Love your before and after photos, Marianne! Those birds have really grown - they probably are so still because there is no room to move in the nest anymore! Definitely a time of growth and flourishing where you live. Have a fun 4th!