Tuesday, July 19, 2011

third friday

i am on the marketing committee for our gallery. the committee members are great and full of ideas and one of the ideas was to try, over the summer, a third friday art in the making event. first thursdays are the art walk in boise, but we felt that maybe by offering evening hours and an event another time during the month we might bring some new people in.

the idea was to partner with a non profit and do a silent auction on the pieces as they are being made. that part has not been so successful, so we are going to price the art instead & donate 100% of sales to the n.p. 

in june, we did an iron art event, where the participating artists brought a substrate and were given a box of items to make a piece of artwork from.

in july, we did an exquisite corpse event (one of my favorite things!). tricia, below, is an oil painter and hadn't used acrylics much at all-

david is a photographer, but gamely played along

jaki is a multi talented artist who does usually paint in acrylic

we had a blast. drank wine, laughed, made art. watched a naked guy get arrested in front of the bar next door.

we have one more event planned for august- a quick draw, where the artists will complete a piece of art in 2 hours. traffic increased from june to july though sales didn't. we did have some people come through the gallery who haven't been in for a while, though, and they had good things to say.

we had a membership meeting last night and the artists who have done the last 2 events want to keep going. it's fun to get together and play. what a great thing. there's a core group of members who volunteer for extra duty. this is bringing some new people in. it's good for me to remember that no matter how much i disagree on matters of policy we are all members of this gallery for a reason. it's fun to learn from other artists and to see people in action, often a different side of them than what i am used to.

as annoying as being part of a coop can be it is so helpful for me to be reminded of the good too. so i'll try really hard to remember this next time there's attack on small pieces of art..... :)

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Pam McKnight said...

I can't wait to come play with you all in August!