Sunday, July 10, 2011

supplies & stuff

picked these up in silver city yesterday- i love the made in china sticker, and the explanation on the back- very loosely translated- is even better. i'm sure that they will find their way into a mixed media piece or two.

i had to run errands today, but found art supplies along the way (well, i went to home depot, what do you expect?)

found the gallon of gesso- regularly $39 on close out at JoAnn for $10. how do you not buy that? also got the craft iron i went in for and some textured papers at 40% off. (papers, not the iron, but it was cheap).

loved the guy at home depot for not snickering when i made sure that any brand drill drivers & bits will work with any brand drill. he did a great job of steering me toward this dewalt set which has what i need for now and not a whole lot more for a reasonable price. i always over buy. and the dremel set- well, i was in tool mode, what can i say? now to figure out what i plan to do with all of these goodies......

i think that this one is now finished:

added some circles to this to tie things together more and calling it done as well

and this suddenly became a martini glass and is also fini-

quite a productive day, all in all! and more to come next week-


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Oh, I love your Martini glass! Well done on the purchases. That's what I call a successful shopping trip. Always nice when what you need is on special offer. Have a good week,

Barb said...

Bird in Nest +++++! I have some of those Chinese coins from 1985.