Saturday, July 9, 2011

silver city idaho

we took a trip to silver city today. silver city is a once thriving mining town that is now a sparsely populated community with a lot of history.

the drive up is beautiful this time of year with lots of wildflowers in evidence.






this tiger swallowtail obligingly posed on another type of penstemon

silver city's catholic church is a well known landmark in the area

we were glad to see the school getting a facelift

and there's still plenty of weathered charm to go around as well.

it was an enjoyable day. tomorrow i have to do some work, but i also plan to get into the studio and play with a bit more fromage- and collage-


Barb said...

Loved all these wildflowers, Marianne - I don't think I'm familiar with Clarkia - it's so pretty.

marianne said...

thanks barb- se didn't know what they were either and there were drifts of them all pink beside the road- beautiful!

becky said...

huh, i didn't know there was a silver city, ID. i'm only familiar w/ the one in NM! i love that shot of the flower w/ the spider web leading to it.