Friday, July 29, 2011


here's the continuation of the project started here

when last we saw the work in progress the image had warped b/c i put it on card stock that wasn't thick enough. i discovered that a 3x3 canvas fit perfectly in the center, so i glued the image to one and then poured self leveling gel on it. the first layer was a bit uneven, so i added more, but it was cloudy ( below), not the look i want.

plan c- an image transfer, but what type? i decided on a laser print transfer to blended fiber medium, hoping for an organic finish and a clean transfer.

spreading the fiber medium on the image which is then left to dry on non-stick plastic (trash can liner over an old cookie sheet in this case)

and viola! the beginnings of a beautiful transfer-

i do usually have good luck with laser print (or copier) image transfers and since i found the color printer on sale so cheap at office depot i use them more. the image looks great and the fiber gel dries almost like a paper-

the only downfall to this method is all of the rubbing required- i gave myself blisters! (that's a first)

of course, after all of that the self leveling gel cured and cleared up. here's the piece in its current state. i think i like it, but have until tomorrow night to decide for sure.

taking a beginning woodworking class tomorrow- learning to use saws, yay! that will undoubtedly come in handy, and it's better to learn in a class than from a loved one :)

pics from that tomorrow, and i have plaster fun to share as well- woo hoo!

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Judy Wood said...

This has turned out brilliantly. So many possibilities with this concept. I hope you are pleased with yourself!!