Thursday, July 21, 2011

the latest experiment

got a box from blick with more little squares in it. haven't sold anything for a few months, may be time to try small again. but i wanted to try something different (a big surprise, i know!) and am having fun thinking of ways to incorporate all of my needlepoint yarn, so i thought i'd use the canvas as sort of a frame.

as you can see, the first slice wasn't so sure, but i'll work with it.

i painted the sides black but wanted a softer look on top, so i used micaceous iron oxide and interference green for the inside and the wood. the nest image seemed a natural.

once i had that all figured out, i mounted the photo on card stock and glues it to the back of the canvas, then poured GAC 800 on top to seal and create a more finished look.

 unfortunately, the card stock wasn't a think enough backing and i got some buckling, so i'll be cutting this out and trying again with a firmer surface (mat board or foam core maybe). i also think that i'll outline the edges of the turned back canvas, but all in all am happy with the experiment & look forward to more play-


Robbie said...

This is quite clever! I have several of these little canvas pieces (bought them on sale at Michael's!)....might have to give it a try!! Thanks for process!! The pic inside is perfect for this piece.

Judy Wood said...

Great concept.Keep going with this!!