Sunday, July 17, 2011

catching up

first, garden shots. the marigolds are volunteers- first i've had that happen-

clematis happily blooming

i remembered that i had all of this needlepoint yarn a few days ago. lots of colors, unfinished projects ( probably forever- it's been 10 or more years), so i thought i'd see about incorporating them into my mixed media somehow.

which worked out for this piece. i drilled through the canvas (using my new drill bits, oh boy!) to make the holes for the yarn. i like this way of attaching the coins much better than glue and the horizontal red works well with the rest of the piece (imho). 8x8

this is done too, i think. 6x6 mixed media, made with papers from the frottage class.

this may need a bit more, but is closer, also with papers from the class, also 6x6

i just about have my inches of new art for August, and Tuesday night to finish up, should be in good shape.

gallery membership meeting tomorrow night, hopefully not too traumatic :)


Barb said...

Wow - that white clematis has big blooms! Lovely. I like the yarn on the coins, too. (The color red is perfect, of course.)

Pam McKnight said...

It was good to "virtually" catch up with you! Looks great!