Tuesday, July 5, 2011

back to the studio- it's tuesday!

my friend lynn, who is a fabulous sculptor specializing in horses (see her website here) was the only studio visitor tonight.

we had a great time talking about music, a mutual passion, and working on our various projects. i was working on starts of things, b/c the buffalo (which i see i haven't posted in progress yet, sorry) is scary for me right now. i didn't want to think or have to have an end product that looked realistic. this is when it's handy to do mixed media.

this is bleeding tissue paper that promises all sorts of wonderful effects. evidently gel medium isn't wet enough to cause those, tho. water or nothing. so i wet them down to get the bleed and the gel'd over that. more than one way...... you know.... they might be more fun to collage on watercolor paper.

here's a sample of the evening's projects.

these two are very close, and i'm hoping that if i post them here and look again later i will have that big AHA moment that tells me what to do (or that, as has happened so often, one of you will help me figure it out).

i think the AHA on this is- it's done, leave it alone.....

hope everyone (in the us) had a great 4th. we saw lucinda williams on sunday (she was very very good) and watched fireworks with friends last night. back to work tomorrow. ugh. at least i like my job & it's a 3 day week- just hard to change gears!


Barb said...

Marianne - Love the indiscretion one. But - what is the last word in "the devil makes ?????" I enlarged and still can't read it - it's killing me! Your friend, Lynn has a great smile.

Judy Wood said...

As usual, we are running with "parallel interests", today's case in point being bleeding tissue. I have been trying to research how fadeproof the colours are, since with most "regular" tissues the fade factor is a problem. Do you have any info on this aspect of the bleeding tissue??

marianne said...

@ barb- it's the devil makes three- a great band (sort of alt country with a touch of bluegrass) which i thought fit the indiscretion theme. and yes she does have a great smile, doesn't she?

@judy- why am i not surprised? i don't know about the fade factor. good question. i'll let you know if i find anything out.

Pam McKnight said...

I too, like the indiscretion piece. All this new work I haven't seen! Glad Lynn could join you!