Sunday, July 31, 2011

another nest

this is the other part of the citrasolv experiment- doing a transfer to plaster. above are the plaster surfaces that i poured on leftover fence ends that were lying about.

the transfer method involves a toner copy (i used a laser print, which should be the same) and applying citrasolv to the back with a cotton ball then burnishing, repeating until the image is transferred.

the plaster studio (stephanie lee and judy wise) says: " You should get a sharp, dark transfer".

here is the image face down on the plaster. as the citrasolv is added the image shows through the paper. i should have taped this on one or 2 sides to prevent slippage. image on the right is transferred, i am just starting on the left.

checking the progress.

i didn't feel like this was an especially dark, detailed transfer. could be b/c i used a print not a copy (tho if both toner based that shouldn't matter), could be i wasn't patient enough and should have kept dabbing on citrasolv & burnishing, could be that i selected a bad sort of image for this method. this looks better in the photo than it did in reality.

i was happier with the nest image- it seems more suited to the softer nature of the transfer.

so i sanded down the hawk. this is after sanding- you can see how the transfer sinks into the plaster, which is pretty cool and will most likely be useful in a future project.

beginning the process of layering paint. i love the way plaster takes paint. it soaks in and creates beautiful shades and variations.

i added a few swipes of drywall compound for more texture and more layers of color until i got a look and feel i like. drilled through the piece of wood so i can wire on the twig. couldn't get the holes to quite meet in the middle so i kept using bigger bits until they did :)

picture not so good- will have to take a less glare-y one, but i am happy with the results and looking forward to more experimentation.

there is a third nest in the works (i can really get a lot of use out of an image!) that incorporates some of the nat geo pages made a few days ago.

hope everyone had a good weekend!


Pam McKnight said...

love this, and yes...lovely weekend in Aspen...lots cooler temps I hear than Boise...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I LOVE how this looks! And the fact you can sand away what you don't really want showing (or want less...)
This is amazing.
love the step by step~~and of course the nest.


Robbie said...

thanks for posting this process..there are so many transfer methods out there so nice to see the entire process.

Barb said...

I am always amazed by the process, Marianne! First you have hawk and then just nest... I like the branch as a finishing touch.