Wednesday, July 6, 2011

and another

one more from last night- wasn't dry enough to scan then. i wanted to look at it here & see what i think, b/c after looking at it today i don't think it needs much (if any) more.

taking a class tonight & tomorrow at wingtip press with amy nack, printmaker extraordinaire. i am very very challenged with printmaking. it requires too much thought. this class combines fromage (which is making prints by rubbing or rolling over texture) with collage, which we will get to tomorrow night. my papers tonight were pathetic- too much ink, not enough ink, bad combinations, i can't draw, you name it- but hopefully i will be able to salvage something tomorrow- stay tuned!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love this one--for numerous reasons, but the balance is so perfect. I'm of your opine; if it needs anything, it's just a tiny bit. (maybe on the right)
Love it!


Judy Wood said...

I also think the right needs a tad more
complexity.. maybe just something as simple as a hint of the greys from the nest photo worked in, or some more music printed on tissue paper so that the notes blend into the texture.
And I suspect that the class is about frottage (from the French frotter, to rub) rather than fromage, which is French for cheese, but then again ....???

Amy said...

I've been hearing about this blog from a fellow printmaker - and now I was even mentioned on it.
Thanks, Marianne! It was so much fun having you in the class. Abolutely loved the repartee! Plus loved watching you work and the end results.