Tuesday, June 7, 2011

who are you?

i have been busy lately- mostly getting myself ready for art & roses, an annual local original art show that is held the first sunday in june. a percentage of the proceeds benefits the rose garden in the park where it's held.

i have always done the show with a friend- for the past 4 or so years it's been kristy. we both pay the fee, but set up our tents back to back and bring food and drink and have a fun day. last year we both sold well. this year not so much, but it was a beautiful day & fun to catch up.

have been working on the animal series. next is the owl. i was lucky enough to get a photo of a great horned owl a few years ago. like so many of my shots the photo isn't great, but it will work for a reference. i had to draw the owl big enough for the canvas.

then traced from the drawing with light colored pastel. i find this easier than trying to draw on the textured surface of the canvas (and less scary than drawing right on the final piece).

i was nervous about getting the barring, but glopped on the titan glaze & created the texture below i felt more comfortable.

she then hung around the house for a while and i realized that the right side of the face is too small and the circle around the eye too tight.

so i fixed that tonight, only to then realize that even tho i used a stencil the eyes aren't the same size, so back to the drawing board on that too (gotta love being able to paint over things).

all in all, though, she's coming along well. will probably end up with a moon in the background, maybe with text on it... still thinking about that one.

have a lovely week! hope to be back soon- i need to finish a few things before we hang the gallery again on the 26th and will be in chicago all next week. busy! i do have a photo safari scheduled next weekend with 2 friends, so that will be fun- stay tuned for more marsh shots!

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