Sunday, June 12, 2011

photo safari weekend

two friends and i went on photo safari this weekend. we headed up to fairfield in search of cranes

and fields of camas

 and found those and lots of other great stuff. it has been a wet spring and the flowers are just incredible.

bouquets everywhere you looked

this is just the beginning! i am headed to chicago tomorrow, so it will be a while before i can got through and post more, but i have some wonderful landscapes, more flowers and of course birds to share. it was a great weekend- we traveled well together, fed each other's creativity, ate great food and took lots of wonderful photos. i already have mixed media ideas for some of what i shot- and maybe even a painting or two!

have a good week all- sorry i've been awol- not only here, but from visiting and commenting on other blogs too. been busy- hopefully trending back to normal soon.

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Pam McKnight said...

Great shots! sound like you all had a lot of fun. Have a good trip and see you when you get back.