Tuesday, June 28, 2011

much better

another great tuesday night in the studio with nancy and pam- yay! it often helps me to talk and just work and not THINK about what i'm doing. you may recall the difficult owl, below. many thanks to anne and judy for providing input when i asked for it in my last post.

having decided that more layers and more stuff in general was the answer (a view supported by anne & judy's comments) i started adding stuff (collage elements).

and glazing and spattering and stenciling

and i am actually happy with the result! i need a better photo and i may still want to tone down the lower left corner (tho pam & nancy both said no), but mostly i like it.

happy tuesday! :)


Diane said...

The finished product looks great! I love the way it turned out..Gotta love those layers!

Judy Wood said...

Being Canadian, I tend to look for compromise. My take on the lower left corner would be to knock back the colour on the "9" in the lower left (maybe a thin glaze of titan buff to veil the blue), and leave the part (text?? can't tell) below it the colour it is. Love the "circle spirals" that unify the whole thing.