Thursday, June 2, 2011

how my garden grows

though sunshine has been in scant supply and it hasn't been very warm the garden marches on. a little later than usual, but not too much.

last year finally killed the last hybrid tea rose left by the house's previous owners. things around here really have to be tough to survive- not so good at maintenance you know- if there are aphids they might get sprayed with a hose, but maybe not, and plant food, not so much- rose systemic, forget it and if it's really hot and dry (which happens in the summer) i may not remember to water until things look pretty peaked. luckily i have found some plants that work well under this regime of benign neglect, and a happy subset of those are wild or old roses.

this is a rugosa- which i hope will thrive now that the vinca & virginia creeper that were choking it are gone.

 this is a bourbon rose, and i really wish i could share the scent. this one is worth watering and i try to remember to do that, but it has managed to survive pretty well even when i sometimes don't.

this is a copper something- pretty little flowers for a short period of time. also rugged.

the drought tolerant side of the front yard, looking quite lush. candytuft, snow in summer, lychnis, lamb's ear- love it when the foliage is as interesting as flowers.

another shot of the front yard, ornamental allium.

we should have some warm weather this weekend- luckily, since there's an outdoors art show, art and roses, on sunday. i'll be getting myself organized for that on saturday.

if you're on facebook, check out my great wide open art page and help me decide what photos to print for the show-


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love the roses, and yes, I can smell them from here! I have a rugosa (or maybe it's a moss?) the same as the top pic and believe me, that poor thing grows in clay and is always in danger of being strangled by weeds, grass, etc.
And yet it blooms.
Love all the pics! A beautiful garden!


Vikki North said...

Gorgeous. I especially like the big Bourbon Rose. It reminds me of the roses artist seemed to choose to use in Victorian Paintings or old calendars.

Barb said...

Your flowers are blooming quite nicely, Marianne. It looked so green as we were passing through ID. Snow is Summer is one of my favorites - so easy to grow even at altitude.I like its silvery look. How do I get you on Facebook?