Sunday, June 26, 2011

can this painting be saved?

finally into the studio yesterday- it was great. i went back to work on the owl. you may recall that the eyes were messed up & had to be redone.

so i did that and then added the moon.

better, but still bugging me. i want the spirit of the owl, not a perfect replica, but this is too cartoon-y or something for me.

so i decided to make it clear that i wasn't just happy with a less than perfect painting and decided to spatter. owl and frame (separately). and i like it better. the whole owl thing is about mystery and magic, and this is closer to that idea. the key is for wisdom.

i did do a layer of ultramarine & spritz some alcohol to blue up the sky some. it's close, but still lacking something. guess i'll hang it on the office tomorrow & see if anything jumps out at me. one friend likes it, one really doesn't. what do you think? i think somehow adding words or letters subtly in the background, or maybe a fleur de lis. hopefully something occurs to me soon! need to have it done by friday for next month's hanging.

today was more work in the yard- put a gazebo up over the hot tub with cute curtains. also got a bunch of picture frames out of the garage & into the studio. i was even smart enough to write down how many of what size i have. and my friend brought me a window air conditioner for the studio so i can preserve my art supplies. so nice of her & her husband to lend it to me!

and now to bed. studio time this week at night. hopefully the owl will tell me how she wants to be finished.

happy beginning of the week, all-


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have a couple of thought on this one.
Adding the dimensional key was great, but I think it requires either adding other dimensional items in the BG or stencils.
One thing *I* would do---take this with a grain of salt--is to outline the owl, dark at the very edge of the owl and fading out to nothing---the idea that it is not necessarily real. It is a ghostly symbol; part of the other iconography.
I just find him getting lost right now and think a little definition would pull it all together.
And yes, your signature stenciling is quite necessary! ;-)


Judy Wood said...

I think your instincts were right with the spattering. There's a sometimes fine line between "cartoony" and "stylized" and it can be a tough one to negotiate. For some reason, my instincts are saying to add a bit of metallic copper spatter. But that's just me.