Thursday, June 23, 2011

ack! artless

 i have been very busy, but not art making busy. which i intend to rectify this weekend. it's planning, so that means long hours and mind mush when not working.

echo's acl blew out last week before i went to chicago, so he had surgery yesterday. involving plates & screws into the bone. should be back to normal in 2 months- i find that amazing. in the meantime he gets to wear the life preserver so he doesn't worry the wound. keeping him quiet now isn't an issue, but i suspect it'll get challenging. the good news is he was fixable :)

finished the back yard project. love it- what a nice place to hang out! first shot is of the focal point (as far as i'm concerned)- the studio

this is to the left of the hot tub across from the studio. yes i made the bird bath.

 looking at the studio from the bench in the alcove. garage (and husband) in the background.

side yard, once shady due to silver lace vine from hell, now sunny. the rose likes it better, but i had to move some heuchara. which gave me an excuse to buy something to take their place :)

here's what's blooming this week (some of it anyway)

studio this weekend- really- i miss it terribly! happy friday!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love it, I love it!
And the best part? I did not see any grass to mow...:-D
What a wonderful place to relax in, create in, recharge....lucky YOU.
The art will come.

Anne, totally artless at the moment

Diane said...

First off....I am so glad Echo is going to be okay! That's great news in spite of the long recovery. He looks like a real sweetie! Your pics are wonderful (as always) & the studio is so inviting! I love the chair out front too. Have a wonderful Sunday, Marianne!

marianne said...

thanks ladies!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Your back yard is wonderful! I love your bird bath, and can see how you made it - with terracotta pots. What a good idea. Sorry to hear about Echo, and pleased to hear he's doing well so far.

becky said...

Sorry about echo's ACL!
is that ski chair new? i don't recall seeing it before, but i dig it! sorry i've been MIA for a while... just haven't been blogging much, preoccupied w/ work, the fires & packing for my next move....