Saturday, May 14, 2011

yellow is the color of spring

the earliest buttercups-

returning orioles

and tanagers

the meadowlark's throat

arrowleaf balsamroot

 sweet smelling bitterbrush


yellow is a favorite color of spring here in the foothills-

that, and some green (look dad! it's true- there is green sometimes)

i'm lucky enough to start my days with a hike with the dogs through this beautiful place, thought i'd share :)

happy weekend-


Diane said...

Lovely pics....especially the birds. Love them! Happy Sunday!

Barb said...

Your yellow and green scenery (including birds) is so lush! I saw yellow flowering bushes near Grass Valley on our way to Sacramento - wonder if they were current bushes?

becky said...

What a great place to hike! Love the rolling hills & OPEN SPACE. Space is good!